How To Care For 3A Hair (Ultimate Guide)

Do you know what hair type you fit into? Identifying your hair type makes it a whole lot easier to know how to maintain hair.

Type 3A, which is also called Curled hair, has specifics when taking care of it.

If you are uncertain of your category to be type 3A, you will find out in this write-up.

We have brought together information about how to take care of type 3A hair and a whole lot more.

You might want to read this up to the very end.  Join me!

How To Care For 3A Hair

Type 3A is a subcategory of type 3 hair. So you need to be able to identify your sub-category. The reason is that a different hair type has its own hair care tips.

Caring for your type 3A is as essential as you dressing up to kill. You don’t want to go out with an unkempt hair. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of your hair maintenance makes your curls forever bouncy and healthy.

Don’t fret, my friend; let’s continue the ride.

What Is Type 3 Hair?

The Andre Walker Hair Typing System has come in handy for hair identification and how to care for your hair purpose. This hair typing system divides hair types into four, with each having its own subtypes.

Type 3 is a hair type that ranges from loose curls and curly tendrils to tight curled corkscrew. It can also be a combination of textures. 3A hair type is defined with an S-shaped curl pattern.

This hair type makes it difficult for natural scalp oils to move to the hair shaft because the cuticle is not flat. Therefore, it is prone to dryness.

The subtypes of Type 3 hair are 3A, 3B, and 3C.


How To Differentiate Between Type 3a, 3b and 3c Hair Types

It has been established that 3A hair type has subcategories which we will be looking into.  Let’s dig in:

Type 3A

Type 3A hair has a hair pattern that is S-shaped and spiral. However, 3A hair is identified as being loose, well-defined, shiny, fine to medium textured, and bouncy curls.

Oftentimes, it has been compared to the diameter of a piece of sidewalk chalk in circumference (about an inch).

If you have a lightweight feel and curls from root to tip, you should know you have this hair type. 3A may lack volume but they are thick and candescent.

It is often prone to fizziness because of the titled hair bulb. This can be resolved by using appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

Type 3B

Type 3B hair happens to be medium textured, ringlet shaped, and with a large volume of curls. It ranges from bouncy spiral curls to bouncy spiral corkscrews. It can also have a mixture of loosely spirals and springy corkscrews.

If you notice your curls to have a circumference similar to the width of a Sharpie marker or index finger, then it is definitely a type 3B hair. This hair type is likely to shrink when wet or dry and becomes puffy and dry when you brush it. This is okay, aside if you don’t desire the look, but there are solutions.

Type 3B maintains its curls with or without products. It is often prone to be dry; it, therefore, needs proper moisture maintenance. The moisture can be achieved by using feather-like products throughout the scalp.

Type 3B has a lot of similarities with type 3A. Size of ringlet is one of the differences between 3A and 3B, where 3A has much larger spirals than 3B. 3B is also coarser and tighter than 3A.

Type 3C

Type 3C hair type is the tightest curl pattern.  This hair type was initially not included in the Andre Walker Hair Grouping Guide. 3C hair type was added when it was noticed that there are gaps between 3B and 4A hair type.

You should know you have this hair type if the diameter of your curl is the circumference of a pencil or straw.

Type 3C has its curls looking like the curled end of a corkscrew. It is more voluminous than the other subtypes of 3 hair types and struggles a lot with shrinkage.

3C hair has bouncy and kinky curls, which is prone to dryness. Appropriate products and protective hairstyles can reduce exposure to hair breakage and fizziness.


Type 3A Hair Care Tips

How to identify type 3A hair type has been established above.  Now you know your hair type.

It is paramount to know how to care for your hair and thus for maintenance purposes.

Caring for 3a hair means you have to follow the Curly Girl Method. The Curly Girl Method will be briefly reviewed below:

Curly Girl Method

1. Cleanse

A healthy scalp is the best environment for hair growth, it is therefore certifiably important for your hair to be duly washed.

Cleansing removes hair product residues, oily deposits, and buildups. It also gives you a shot at detangling.

Wash your hair using the appropriate shampoo, especially sulfates-free, applying it throughout your scalp. Wash with fingertips and not nails.

Attempt to wash your hair often as once a week or every 10 days.

2. Condition

After cleansing your hair, the next step is to condition it. A conditioner retains the moisture on your hair, thereby reducing fizziness.

Condition your hair for a few minutes, then rinse off. You can decide to condition for a long while, depending on how much your hair type craves.

We have to want we call deep conditioning; this penetrates into the inner layer of your hair. Apply a deep condition with heat for 15-30minutes. You can maintain heat by wearing a shower cap or sitting under a hooded dryer.

Deep conditioning is essential, and it is often done based on how much your hair requires moisture.

Conditioning and deep conditioning can be done on the same day or on different days, depending on how you prefer it.

3. Dry and Style

After conditioning is over, the next step is to dry your hair with soft cotton but not a towel to avoid pinching your curls which may lead to breakage.

When the hair is dry, lift the hair from underneath by bending your head forward.

Proceed to style to your preferred choice

Hair care tips for 3A hair

  1. Know your hair porosity

Hair porosity is important to be determined. You can fall in any of these three categories;

High porosity; if you have this, your hair cuticle is completely open. This allows moisture to slip out easily.

Medium porosity; this seems to be normal because the hair cuticles are aligned to retain moisture

High porosity; the hair cuticle hair is aligned tightly, making it difficult to retain moisture.

  1. Detangle your curls from the tip to the root

To detangle your curls, you can use water or, if necessary, a ‘detangler’. Using a wide-toothed comb, detangle your hair from the tip to the root.

  1. Moisturize your curls frequently

Type 3A hair is prone to dryness, so use moisturizing products frequently.

  1. Use a satin scarf or satin pillowcase to cover your hair while you sleep. Satin reduces the friction on your hair, reducing night breakage
  2. Wash and condition your hair as frequently as possible.
  3. Wear protective hairstyles only
  4. Avoid sulfate free products


Products For 3A Hair Type

To pick your product of choice, endeavor to check the ingredients on a formula checker. Your product can fall into some categories like; Curl-type shampoo and conditioner, Moisturizers, Apple cider vinegar, Leave in products and so on.

The product below has been researched to be suitable for 3A hair.  Use products only approved by the Curly Girl Method. There are a lot of good products, below are just few you can opt for;

  1. Not Your Mother’s Silicon Blood Orange & Black Current Shampoo
  2. Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Detangler
  3. The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Deep Hydration Mask
  4. Ouai Fragrance Free Curl Crème
  5. Boucleme Super Hold Styler
  6. Exotic Sulfate Free Biotin Shampoo