How Long Does Arctic Fox Last Hair Dye Last?

There are so many options available when you want to dye your hair. Some of these hair dyes do not last a great while when applied to the hair. But a particular hair dye has continued to stand out from the rest.

The Arctic Fox! This hair dye has been in high demand since its inception in 2013 due to its beautiful colors. But you may be wondering how long does the Arctic fox last? In this article, you will find out how long.

The Arctic for hair dye is a semi-permanent hair dye with numerous hair colors. These hair colors come in amazingly different attractive shades from color pink, to blue, to peach color, etc.

One unique thing about this hair dye is that the colors are quite bright, and they can easily be washed out gradually by letting it grow out naturally or using a hair color remover to fade back the hair to its natural state.

How Long Does Arctic Fox Hair Dye Last?

The Arctic fox hair dye can last for about 21 days, that is, three weeks, and also between 12 to 24 hair washes. However, it is heavily dependent on how often you will be shampooing your hair.

Because if you are doing that every day, then the hair dye will probably wear off sooner than you think. If you must shampoo your hair after dyeing it, then you should get that done only once every week.

But when you notice some slight fading on your hair, or it becomes uneven, then it means that the dye is starting to wear off.

So, whatever it may be, if you are trying to get a new look then you can dye your hair with Arctic fox.

Don’t worry. This hair dye will not damage your hair because it has the ability to act like a hair conditioner when it is washed off. So do not worry or think that you will lose your hair to Arctic fox!

Can you wash off Arctic fox from your hair completely?

When you decide to try a new hair color with an arctic fox, take, for instance, the color brown. When you don’t like the color brown on your hair, arctic fox permits you to wash off the hair dye with your shampoo without altering your natural hair color.

The good thing about arctic fox is that it comes with a starter kit. This starter kit comprises of a product called Arctic fox semi-permanent remover. This remover helps to remove the hair color from your natural hair like a shampoo.

So, yes! You can completely wash off your arctic fox from your hair without coming back to see the previous hair color.

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How can you make Arctic fox last longer in your hair?

With some of these specific steps that I will be giving out to you, when these steps are taken religiously, you will be able to make the arctic fox last even longer in your hair.

Make sure that you wash your dyed hair carefully, not heavily. And. Don’t forget to wash your hair carefully with the specific shampoo and conditioner that has been designed for that particular hair color.

When you dye your hair with an arctic fox, don’t forget to deep condition your hair at least twice every month. Then rinse out the hair. This will help to extend the life of the hair dye.

In case you can’t do without washing your hair every day. Try to wash it with the use of cold water.

Desist from using hot or even warm water because when you do wash it with hot water, you may not be able to maintain that beautiful rich hair color.

So, it is very important to keep your dyed hair and make it last as long as possible and while you do that, you need a shampoo and a conditioner specifically designed for the hair color.

Also, you can decide to use dry shampoo. However, this will be an occasional use for your hair to match up until you can apply another hair dye.

How can you properly get Arctic fox out of your hair?

Even though it was discussed above that you can get it out of your hair; you must understand that there are certain removal agents that you can use to remove the hair color that you don’t like.

If you ever want to remove an arctic fox from your hair, we want you to know that it can be a big challenge.

This is because of its strong staying power. And that is why calculated steps must be put in place to get it out in time.

So, to remove this arctic fox from your hair, there are several options that you can pick to help you do that.

Washing your hair regularly

As simple as it sounds, it is the most affordable and faster way to get the arctic fox out of your hair. So the quickest way to get this done is to keep washing your hair. You can get a clarifying shampoo to do this for you.

So that you can keep washing your hair every day, don’t forget to deeply condition your hair when the hair gets too dry.

Use vitamin C. It is an effective color remover that will help to lighten the hair color by breaking through the semi-permanent hair dye properties.

Although it may not remove the hair all at once but with multiple vitamin C treatments, you will be able to remove the artic fox dye.

To get this out, try to crush some vitamin C tablets and measure it to about ½ cup. Then mix it with some clarifying shampoo which will be completely enough to wash your hair.

Apply the vitamin C mixture all over your hair and let it sit for five minutes. After which, you can now rinse it out and deep condition the hair.

Use a color remover

Try to get a strong color remover. This will help you to remove the unwanted color. Normally in the arctic fox starter kit, it comes with a semi-permanent hair reliever specifically designed to remove specific hair color. To use the hair remover, here is what you should do;

  • Mix the color remover in a small plastic bowl. Follow the instructions behind the color remover carefully.
  • Get a brush that you have been using to tint your hair, then wear some leather gloves preferably, and carefully apply the product all through your hair.
  • Allow the mixture to sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes. It is at this time that the color remover begins to make the hair color easy to rinse out.
  • After 20 minutes, you can now rinse your hair for 10 minutes.
  • Then wash your hair with your regular shampoo severely until the hair color is no longer present.

Make sure that you do not use the color remover more than once a week because it might be dangerous for you if you’ve got a dry scalp and damaged hair.

With clarifying shampoo

The effect of clarifying shampoo in your hair is that it helps to deep-clean your hair and remove the dirt build-up in your hair. So if you’ve been using your regular shampoo, try to make use of the clarifying shampoo to remove the arctic fox.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check the clarifying shampoo because not all clarifying shampoo should be used on your hair to remove arctic fox. So for best results do not shampoo the hair more than twice a day.

Mix Bleach & Shampoo

To remove the arctic fox hair dye, add about one part of bleach (household bleach preferably) to an anti-dandruff shampoo. Do not apply bleach to hair if your hair is already damaged because bleach can affect your hair’s natural color.

It may also leave your hair a bit dry and thus, cause breakage. So mix the mixture and apply. You may even decide to apply the mixture to a small section of your back hair or somewhere at the side to be sure that the bleach would normalize the hair instead of destroying it.

Hydrogen peroxide doesn’t sound bad!

Don’t worry; hydrogen peroxide isn’t all that harsh. In fact, they are a lot milder than bleach. Yet it is quite as effective as household bleach.

So, when you get hydrogen peroxide, you can combine it with some water and place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it generously on your hair. Leave it in your hair and allow it to sit for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.

Have you tried baking soda and shampoo?

This is another one to consider if you want to get arctic fox out of your hair and you don’t want it to last long. Baking soda is a cleaning agent because of the sodium carbonate in it, which makes it a natural bleaching agent. So if you want to remove the arctic fox gradually, here is how to do it;

  • Get a dandruff shampoo and mix equal parts of baking soda and shampoo in it to make an almost runny paste.
  • Wet your hair with hot water. Remember that the arctic fox cannot last when it comes in contact with hot water. So, wet your hair with hot water before applying the mixture to your hair.
  • Scrub the mixture on your hair with your hands for about five minutes and then allow it to sit for twenty minutes.
  • Then rinse off the arctic fox dye with some water and deep condition the hair properly. Keep repeating this procedure throughout the entire week until the arctic fox is out.

You can use the dish soap in your kitchen!

This may sound hilarious but do you know that the dish soap in your kitchen stands a chance to strip your arctic fox off your hair? Wet your hair with some water and apply the dish soap to the wet hair and leave it to sit for about five minutes.

Then rinse off the mixture with warm water. But the cons about this is that it has the ability to leave your hair dry. But you can always apply a shampoo and deep condition your hair afterward.

Let the deep conditioner sit in your hair for some minutes, after which you can rinse it off with cold water.

You can use the lemons in your garden!

The lemons are an effective cleaning agent as well. It naturally removes hair dye so it will work well with an arctic fox. If you have some freshly squeezed lemon then you can put it into good use now.

If otherwise, then you can get some lemon from the grocery store, cut and squeeze it into a bowl, then apply it to your hair until the whole hair is covered with lemon juice.

Allow it to sit for 20 minutes, then rinse out the mixture with some warm water and clarifying shampoo.

Mix baking soda and Epsom salt

Get a warm cup of water and add two teaspoons of Epsom salt, then add about two teaspoons of baking soda and mix thoroughly in a small bowl.

Then you can get a spray bottle and turn the mixture j to it so that it can be easy to spray on your hair. And do you know that it is one of the most effective and excellent ways of removing an arctic fox dye from your hair?

So after spraying your hair with the baking soda mixture, you can wait for about 30 minutes to rinse it the mixture from your hair.

However, the arctic fox may not rinse out immediately, but it could take several times to get it rinsed off.

Final Thoughts

But it is important to note that when your hair is dyed with arctic fox dye, it will gradually fade out on its own.

And when your hair naturally fades out, it is usually noted as the healthiest thing to let your hair go through.

But if it is taking too much time to fade out, then you can use any of the steps above but if the arctic fox remains, then you should see a professional hair colorist or you go to your local saloon.

A hairdresser will know the perfect method that suits your hair.