How To Wash Out Arctic Fox Hair Dye Easily

Girls like to change their looks by dyeing their hair. However, experiments at home do not always end successfully.

It may happen that the chosen shade does not fit your look at all or that the color does not spread well on the hair; the latter case is what usually happens to porous and damaged strands.

Bleaching very dark hair often results in an unwelcome yellow color. If you were not able to get the desired color, the final pigment could be washed out.

Now let’s see what popular and professional remedies are intended to remove the dye and what is the right way to use them.

How To Wash Out Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Let’s see the most effective recipes.


How To Wash Out Arctic Fox Hair Dye with tar soap

You will never be able to remove an arctic fox hair dye from the hair with simple bath soap; you must use laundry soap or tar soap; they are ideal for this type of work.

They contain the alkaline agent and a minimum of 64% fatty acids, under the action of which the pigment is actually pushed out of the hair.

Be careful, though, if you have brittle or dry hair with a scalp prone to flaking, it is not recommended to use this method.

If you don’t have such problems, soap your hair well, cover it with foil and leave it for half an hour. Then shampoo your hair to remove the residue and apply a nourishing mask to your hair.

This method will help you lighten your hair by one tone with each application.

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Bleaching with kefir

kefir milk

Taking off the arctic fox dye with the bleach on the basis of kefir will help not only to lighten the hair by a minimum halftone but also to make it more beautiful and healthy.

How come this product destroys the pigment? The fact is that it represents a dairy product with organic acids that neutralize the alkaline environment, so essential to stop the dye inside a hair.

The lactic acid eliminates an undesirable shade and stimulates the growth of healthy strands.

You could make a mask out of just one kefir, but you would have to take a product with higher fat content.

To get a stronger effect, in warm kefir, add half a glass of any vegetable oil or half a glass of vodka, in which first you should dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda.

Apply this mixture to your hair, wrap with foil and a warm towel, and leave for 2-3 hours. In the end, shampoo your hair with the one for oily hair.

Note! If you have very dark hair, the application of kefir may result in an unpleasant shade of green. To avoid this, grind ten aspirin tablets into powder, dissolve them in two glasses of water and then rinse your hair with it after shampooing.

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Baking soda mask

Baking soda mask

Being a natural abrasive and having an alkaline environment, baking soda could remove even the strongest pigment. To prepare the mask, you need to take equal parts of baking soda and warm, but not boiling, water.

  • Mix the ingredients until you have a cream.
  • Apply it along all the hair, cover your head with a polyethylene bonnet and wrap with a warm towel.
  • Wait a maximum of one hour so as not to damage the hair.
  • Rinse the residue well with warm water and shampoo; at the end, do not forget to apply a moisturizing conditioner.

Baking soda masks could only be done by women with oily scalps and healthy hats. Since it contains an aggressive alkaline environment, it might cause irreparable damage to the fine and dry strands.

The lemon and apple cider vinegar

lemon and apple cider vinegar

Home remedies for washing hair after coloring. The fruit acids, which are found in the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and apple cider vinegar, neutralize the alkaline environment, thus lightening the hair.

You can prepare a conditioner based on these natural components. Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice for every glass of water.

Prepare such an amount of the solution that should be enough for thorough rinsing of all your hair. Apply it every time you shampoo your hair. After 5-6 applications, you will begin to see the first results.

Mayonnaise mask

Mayonnaise mask

Natural mayonnaise contains fats and fatty acids that neutralize the action of chemical components of dyes. The other ingredients – lemon juice, mustard, and eggs – also have a beneficial effect on the locks and promote their growth.

The mask will help bleach your hair in two tones at a time and make it healthier, smoother, and docile.

If you want to lighten your hair, you should choose mayonnaise with high-fat content. However, it would be desirable to prepare it at home.

You need to apply a slightly heated mixture on dry hair, wrap it with a film and then with a lukewarm towel, leave it for 3-4 hours and finally wash it off well with shampoo.

The professional approach

How to properly wash the arctic fox hair dye from the hair at home. Home remedies do not guarantee good results always and from the first application, especially after using dyes with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

In this case, it is much more difficult to remove the pigment, so you can not do it without professional help.

In specialized stores, you can find agents for bleaching and pickling. They contain substances that are able to literally wash away a foreign color.

However, when using these products, you must be extremely careful and follow the instructions for the letter. Otherwise, there is a danger of causing too much damage to your hair.

Let’s take a look at the different possibilities of bleaching.


Bleaching agents are used when your hair is too dark in color. They also help to radically transform the look, for example, if you decide to change your hair color from brown or brunette into a blonde.

The agents lighten the strands by 4 tones at a time, thanks to chemical components that act aggressively on the pigment.

Often this is hydrogen peroxide which dries and weakens the hair.

The discoloration is done at most once in 2 weeks to allow time for the strands to regenerate. If you have very dark hair, you will need to repeat this procedure more than once.

Note. Discoloration often results in a reddish color. But even if it becomes too noticeable, you should not repeat it right away; you should wait at least two weeks. You can remove the undesirable tone by using harmless coloring agents.


Professional means of washing after coloring at home. The pickling agents contain acids that destroy a foreign pigment and push it away from the hair without touching the natural pigment because it is free of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

It is advisable to do this procedure in a salon because even the smallest mistakes can lead to unpleasant results.

Full bleaching of a permanent pigment becomes possible after 2-3 sessions, but already after the first one, you will notice that the strands lighten by 2-3 tones.

Although the manufacturers guarantee the protection of the hair, you need to moisturize and nourish it intensively after each procedure.

The conclusion

Simple cleansing products cannot bleach hair dyed with permanent and semi-permanent agents.

To get rid of an unpleasant tone, you can use popular remedies easily available at home. They guarantee a gentle impact on the hair; however, they do not give an immediate result.

Professional bleaches will help to deal with the problem sooner; however, after applying them, it will take some time for the strands to regenerate.

To keep your hair healthy and beautiful, use only approved and safe techniques and products.