How To Take Care Of Relaxed Hair And Make It Grow

Unfortunately, there is no magic cure that will make your hair grow overnight. But with the tips found in this guide, you can help your hair grow faster by following them.

Tired of your short hair? Then simply let your hair grow faster.

What woman doesn’t dream of long hair with a wow effect? Unfortunately, however, nature has arranged it so that our hair grows very slowly.

Nevertheless, there are some tips and tricks to accelerate the growth of short hair and get long, strong and shiny hair faster.

How to Take Care of Relaxed Hair and Make It Grow

How To Take Care


There are eyelash boosters and eyebrow serums, so why shouldn’t there be shampoos that stimulate hair growth? The shampoos usually contain caffeine, work against hair loss and stimulate the scalp.

As a result, the hair grows back faster and stronger.

You can also use shampoos with coenzyme Q10, these achieve the same effect.

Tip: For more beautiful hair, you should replace your normal shampoo every other hair wash with a caffeine shampoo.



With the right care, your hair will definitely grow faster, so when caring for your hair, you should not only use shampoo and conditioner, but also a moisturizing hair treatment once a week.

However, always consider the individual needs of your hair when choosing your care product.

Avoid care products that contain alcohol or silicones. They damage the hair in the long run and slow down the growth of the hair.


When drying hair, we unnecessarily stress the hair structure with heat, which results in hair growing slower.

Therefore, you should avoid using blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners as often as possible.

If you can’t do without heat styling, simply apply a heat protector before use.

Our favorite: The Coconut heat protection spray, which simultaneously nourishes the hair as a leave-in conditioner.


For healthy hair growth, always wash your hair and scalp with lukewarm water, as too hot water can be harmful. Then comb the wet hair only carefully.

For this purpose, it is best to use a coarse-toothed comb or a brush with natural bristles.

In general, always comb through the ends first and then slowly work your way up to the hairline.

This will prevent knots from forming and hair from being pulled out or damaged while combing.


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As annoying as it is to leave every inch of hair at the hairdresser’s, regular trimming is essential if your hair is to grow.

Hair split ends not only look unattractive, but the damaged hair also grows more slowly.

If it breaks off, the painstakingly achieved length is completely lost.

Therefore, you should have your tips cut every two months at the latest.

Human hair grows about 1.5 centimeters per month, which is why a cut of half a centimeter every eight weeks still leaves enough newly grown hair length. If you want to avoid the hairdresser due to time or cost, you can also cut your own hair.


A head massage is not only beneficial for the body and mind, but also has a positive effect on our hair growth.

This is because even a five to ten minute massage stimulates the blood flow in the scalp and promotes the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles.

The result is that your hair grows faster.

How to do it:

For good blood flow, simply massage your scalp with your fingers in small, circular motions while applying a little pressure.

You can perform the massage program on the sofa, in bed or even in the shower.

Just be careful not to damage the sensitive skin on your head if you have long, pointed fingernails.

Alternatively, you can also use a massage spider.

It is through its thin massage arms in several places at once. It stimulates the hair roots and at the same time provides blood circulation to the entire scalp.


Even if you can’t hear it anymore: The right diet is the be-all and end-all for our body! Not only does it affect our health, but it is also important for faster hair growth.

Therefore, try to eat a diet that is both balanced and rich in vitamins and nutrients with fruits, vegetables and whole foods. Vitamins C, A, B7 – also known as biotin or vitamin H – and B9 (folic acid) positively influence hair growth.

Zinc, on the other hand, enables cell division and is therefore of utmost importance for hair growth.

Likewise, you should take iron in sufficient quantities because an iron deficiency can, in the worst case, lead to increased hair loss.

These Foods Promote Hair Growth

Water is a true elixir of life for our body and important for healthy hair. It helps to transport all the nutrients to the individual cells.

Oatmeal is rich in nutrients. They provide iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, biotin and proteins to help hair grow faster.

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and help us fight both dry scalp and hair loss.

Black currants contain vitamin C. This is important not only for our immune system, but also for building and protecting new cells.

Walnuts provide our body with important nutrients such as vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and biotin. All three contribute to the fact that the hair grows faster.


Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom: oils are real all-rounders. They are not only healthy, but also prove themselves time and again as natural beauty helpers.

For faster hair growth, you should therefore try one of these four oils:

  • Argan oil: the Moroccan miracle oil provides sufficient moisture and protects the hair structure.
  • Coconut oil: It provides the hair root and scalp with numerous nutrients and moisturizes.
  • Castor oil: It contains many omega-6 fatty acids, which naturally stimulate hair growth.
  • Olive oil: It strengthens the hair and counteracts hair loss.

Massage a small amount of the oil with your fingers on your scalp and leave it on for half an hour. Then simply rinse thoroughly and wash your hair as usual.

By the way, to get long hair, you can also use apple cider vinegar. It is not an oil, but still has a deep cleansing effect and promotes the growth of hair. In addition, the vinegar makes the hair soft and shiny.

To use the home remedy as a beauty treatment, it is best to mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a liter of water. Simply add the conditioner to your hair after shampooing, leave for a short time and then rinse well.



Do something good for your hair and avoid alcoholic drinks for the preservation of a long mane.

Your hair will thank you with faster growth.

The reason is: alcohol dries out the hair and promotes unsightly split ends.

Therefore, every now and then, rather choose a healthy alternative, such as a delicious smoothie, instead of sparkling wine or wine.

In addition, you should not forget to drink at least two liters of water every day. This will ensure that your cells are sufficiently hydrated.


Despite all the tips and tricks to speed up hair growth, it takes time. That’s why the most important tip for a luscious mane is to persevere and avoid stress!

Too much stress at work or in your private life is not only harmful to your health in the long run, but also makes itself felt relatively quickly on your hair.

Unhealthy and brittle hair can be the result.

To prevent this, you should try to reduce your everyday stress as much as possible. For example, meditation exercises, long walks or yoga can be helpful.

If you have not yet had any experience with meditation, but would like to have more composure and inner strength for your everyday working life, the book Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice can help you.

In it you will learn how to immediately reduce stress, feel more relaxed and easily get new energy.

Great Tips to Make your Hair Thicker and Fuller-Bodied

The secrets to get thicker and fuller hair, however, exist. Here are 14 of them.

  1. Use quality products

To begin with, try to use top quality shampoo and conditioner, which may cost a little more but can provide your hair with high-quality, nourishing substances.

  1. Always massage your scalp

When washing your hair, never forget to give your scalp a deep, energetic massage. This is because the massage, by stimulating blood circulation, brings volume and shine to the hair thanks to the increased flow of blood from the bulb to the hair shaft.

  1. Take care of your hair

Never subject your hair to excessive stress: drying it in too cold a wind or too intense a sun would risk drying it out in no time at all.

  1. Don’t shampoo your hair every day

The habit of shampooing your hair every day is wrong, because it deprives your hair of its natural lipid protection and will tend, over time, to contribute to a flattened hair. The ideal is to wash your hair every two or three days.

  1. Keep your ends moisturized and nourished

After shampooing, when applying conditioner, make sure it goes from the middle of the head to the ends, and insist on nourishing the ends.

Avoid applying conditioner to the roots, so you don’t end up with dirty (and lacking in volume) hair the next day.

  1. Limit the heat of the hair dryer

When drying your hair with a hair dryer, make sure that it is at least 20 cm. away from the hair mass, otherwise the bulb and the keratin scales will be burned.

The temperature, moreover, must never be too high, but always lukewarm.

  1. Avoid blow-drying wet hair

If you blow-dry your hair while it is still damp, you will only damage the hair shaft and make it weaker.

Always wait until your hair is dry, then you can move on to styling.

  1. Supplement your diet with vitamins

If you want to look in the mirror and be pleasantly impressed by your hair every time, you’ll have to start thinking about your diet.

Supplement with vitamins, perhaps specific for hair and nails, which will give strength and volume to your hair.

  1. Relax

It may sound crazy, but stress and lack of sleep also affect the health of your hair. So make sure you get enough sleep and carve out some space for yourself. Your hair will thank you.

  1. Use volumizing masks

A volumizing mask left on the hair for 15-20 minutes once a week guarantees healthy, full-bodied hair.

Very effective ingredients for natural masks are aloe vera (soothing), honey (nourishing), eggs (strengthening) and Vodka (adding shine).

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  1. Wash your hair with egg yolk

Using egg yolk instead of shampoo a couple of times a month helps to intensely nourish the hair. The strengthening virtues of eggs, moreover, due to the B vitamins, will also act long after the application on the hair.

  1. Add a few strands of extensions

If your hair just doesn’t want to have volume, in some cases you can use strands of extensions with clips: they are practical and immediately change your look.

  1. Eat well

To have healthy hair, you need to eat everything, but especially certain types of food.

Bring spinach, broccoli, salmon, almonds, potatoes, eggs, avocados, bananas, beer, beans and extra virgin olive oil to the table every day.

  1. Drink lots of water

Could water ever be missing? Drinking two liters of low-mineral water a day provides the body with the right hydration and, consequently, healthy, soft and full of volume hair.

The care of your hair does not pass only through the correct washing! Discover now with us how you can take care of your hair in simple steps!

Below you will find 7 moves (simple, but fundamental) to get really sparkling hair.

Sometimes all you really need is a little extra attention in our daily actions, from shampooing to straightening. And those who learn how to take care of their hair never stop! Are you ready to get started?

1. Hair care starts with washing

The first rule for taking care of your hair is to wash it properly and gently. First, wash your hair every three days. More frequent washing can cause an excess of sebum, which makes the hair greasy.

Shampooing is a fundamental beauty gesture. Always choose a product adapted to your hair type (dry, oily, colored, etc.) and a gentle formula that respects the pH of the scalp, moisturizes and softens the hair fiber.

To get your hair in tip-top shape, start by soaking it well and leaving it under the water for a long time. Then put a little shampoo in the palm of your hand and apply it to your hair. Gently massage the scalp and then let it sit for a few moments.

Avoid doing two shampoos, so you sensitize your scalp unnecessarily! To rinse your hair, you can mix cold water with white vinegar or lemon to get bright hair with brilliant highlights.

To renew the protective layer of the hair, regenerate it and make it more beautiful, apply a conditioner.

Leave the product on for the time indicated and then rinse thoroughly.

If you are brave, you can finish with a jet of cold water to shrink the hair flakes and make them shine.

Purifying shampoo Collistar

A purifying and astringent shampoo guarantees a deep and complete wash.

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2. Proper drying

Drying is also crucial to take care of your hair.

The best solution would be to let it dry naturally: take advantage of the warm season to forget about the hair dryer!

If instead you are forced to use it, start by absorbing the excess water from your hair with a towel and then adjust the thermostat of the appliance on a moderate temperature.

Excessive heat damages the hair cuticle and your hair will appear duller and rougher to the touch.

Hair dryers with diffusers are preferable: they allow the heat to not concentrate too much on a specific area, circulating the heat and harming the scalp less.

When choosing which brushes to use, favor models made of natural materials that respect the hair fiber.

No to combs and brushes made of plastic and of bad quality: these are tools that are worth investing in! Avoid detangling your hair when it is still wet, as it could break more easily. Brush them in a way that is not excessive, so as not to create damage to the lengths and tips.

Here, in a nutshell, is how to do it:

Hairizone universal diffuser

The universal diffuser is the ideal tool for drying your hair, making it voluminous and without ruining your hair! Its structure evenly distributes air to create curls and waves without the frizz.

The size of this model is suitable for virtually any type of hair dryer.

TSH Professional Hair Brush

If you’re willing to invest a little more for a professional brush, you can go for the TSH brand.

The size of the brush we selected is ideal for both creating hairstyles and for everyday use.

Hair mask: the best way to take care of it

If you want to take care of your hair, do not forget to make a mask at least once a week.

Hair masks give your hair shine and volume, strengthening it and making it easier to comb.

There are many different masks for different needs.

The masks do not replace the conditioner: they require more time to apply and their nourishing and moisturizing action is more intense, reaches deep into the hair structure making it stronger.

In the summertime they are particularly necessary, because our hair is subjected to greater stress (from sea and pool water to simple exposure to the sun).

In order for a mask to be considered a valid hair care product, it must be able to keep the hair’s pores unclogged, not damage the scalp, protect the color, give body and texture by fighting dullness and electricity, protect and restructure, eliminate oiliness and restore shine.

The masks on the market, as we said, are many, but you can also try to prepare a natural homemade one. Try for example the one that we recommend in the video below.

You’ll only need flaxseed oil, white clay, apple cider vinegar and cinnamon essential oil. After mixing a tablespoon of clay with apple cider vinegar, add a few drops of flaxseed oil (rich in essential nutrients for the hair fiber) and a few drops of cinnamon oil (will give a great scent to your hair).

After mixing everything, apply the mask on wet hair starting from the scalp and all along the length.