How To Use Pantene Pro V Miracles

Is your hair damaged, dry, brittle, or of a fragile nature like curly hair? Rest assured, there are foolproof beauty tips to give your hair a good boost.

And one of them is the Pantene Pro V Miracles!

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Root Awakener is a hair-thickening beauty essence that gives individual hair strands thickness.

This unique Pro-V formula provides suppleness and strength to the hair by delivering a robust blend of vitamin B3, panthenol, and caffeine deep into the hair.

How To Use Pantene Pro V Miracles

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Root Awakener is a mild, quick-drying root awakener that is easy to apply.

In 14 days, you’ll have full, luxuriant fibre thickness, which you may maintain with daily treatment.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles are a line of anti-aging products by Pantene. Incorporate Strong Root Awakener into your everyday hair care routine for fuller-looking, thicker-feeling hair right away.

Use in conjunction with Pantene Pro-V Grow Strong Hair Shampoo, and Pantene Pro-V Grow Strong Hair Conditioner for optimum results.

How To Use The Pantene Pro V Miracles

Part 1: Part your hair

Part your hair with a comb, your fingers, or the spray nozzle itself while standing in front of a mirror.

Step 2: Apply the spray

With the spray nozzle, spray the product as near to the part line as feasible. Spray each portion line three times. Each time you spray, make sure to fully depress the spray nozzle.

Step 3: Do it again.

Steps 1 and 2 should be repeated five times to cover the majority of your scalp. To cover the scalp area above your ear line, you’ll need about 15 full pumps.

4th Step: Massage

To help disperse the product evenly, gently massage it into your scalp with your hands for about a minute.

Step 5: Create a look

Your hair should be styled as usual. Blow dry deeply into the base of your hair for even better effects. Begin from the root and direct the air toward the scalp. Blow dry the hair in the opposite direction of where it will be laid.

Choosing the right hair root awakener for your hair

Depending on the nature of your hair and its needs, it is essential to choose the right Root Awakener into your everyday hair care routine.

If you have dry hair – which is often the case with curly hair – choose ultra-nourishing formulas based on Biotin, Bamboo and Caffeine, such as the Pantene Pro V Miracles for Very Dry and Curly Hair.

These three main ingredients have the power, well known to Mediterranean women for thousands of years, to provide hair with the moisture it needs.

For hair with a lesser degree of dryness, Pantene Pro V Miracles root awakener  for Dry and Brittle Hair with Provence Honey & Shea provides the right amount of softness for deep, effective nutrition.

If you have color-treated hair, Pantene Pro V Miracles with juicy pomegranate is the perfect treatment to revive your color while protecting your hair fiber, which is damaged by coloring.

If your hair tends to re-grease too quickly, opt for masks with clay, the magic ingredient for regulating and absorbing the excess sebum produced by your scalp.

And for long hair, a mask is a must! Loreal Xtenso Care Masque Gentle & Repairing Mask for Long Hair, Fragile Ends with flax and sweet almond is a real treat for long hair that is repaired from root to tip, softened and radiant.

If your hair is damaged and needs to be revived, Loreal Xtenso Care Masque Repair Mask for Damaged Hair is the answer. With olive and acacia sap extract, its creamy texture is a real pleasure for the senses and for your hair fiber.

Biotin beauty treatments

Pantene Pro V Miracles Root Awakener

There are many cosmetic treatments available in case of damaged hair or if you want to fortify it. In particular, there are

  • oils
  • shampoos
  • conditioners
  • masks
  • foams

The Pantene Pro V Miracles Root Awakener is an hydrolyzed biotin product that can be used as a restructuring treatment for the reconstruction of the hair fiber in case of fine, brittle and fragile hair, and allow to disappear split ends, give volume and shine and an anti-frizz effect.

These products can be used at home or by your trusted hairdresser.

Smoothing anti-frizz treatment

The smoothing biotin treatment improves hair structure by eliminating frizz.

The hair is first washed to remove all impurities. Then, the Pantene Pro V Miracles solution is applied to the hair, divided into thin strands, carefully dried.

Finally, it is fixed with a straightener. The whole process takes about 90 minutes on average, but it depends on the length of the hair.

After the treatment, the hair should not be washed or tied with elastics, pliers and clips for 48 hours.

This way, the product is better absorbed.

Specific biotin treatments allow to obtain a smoothing effect for curly and frizzy hair.

In this case, however, it is good to keep in mind that this is a chemical treatment that modifies the structure of the shaft.

Although it makes the hair smooth and shiny, over time it could risk damaging it.

It is therefore advisable to find out about the products used and check that your hair is suitable for the treatment.

In fact, the keratin straightening treatment is not recommended if you have fine hair and sensitive scalp.

The biotin smoothing treatment is also called:

  • progressive brush
  • Brazilian treatment
  • Hair lifting.

The promised result is always the same: smooth, tidy, restructured, never frizzy hair.

Biotin treatments: results

The treatment has a variable duration and depends on the dexterity of the hairdresser, the characteristics of the hair and also on how often we shampoo.

So if you do a lot of sport and wash your hair almost every day, the treatment is unlikely to last more than two months.

It is then advised not to wait until the effect is completely gone before doing it again, especially the first time.

By repeating the treatment constantly, the result lasts longer.

After the treatment, the hair should not be washed or tied for 48 hours, this is to ensure that the product is absorbed and to prevent elastics, pliers and clips from leaving creases.

Also avoid coloring your hair in the following days: the treatment can have a slightly lightening effect.


Biotin is an essential protein for your well-being. In fact, it has a structural type function and increases the resistance of parts of the body such as skin, hair and nails.

In particular, it is widely used in cosmetics as a component of products for the treatment of brittle nails and, above all, to improve the health of hair.

If it is damaged or stressed, biotin-based treatments are ideal because they nourish, moisturize and strengthen the hair root. Finally, there are foods that stimulate the action of biotin within a healthy and balanced diet.