How To Use Glatt Hair Straightening Cream Step By Step

Schwarzkopf Glatt hair straightening cream is used by people who want to smooth and tame their curly or frizzy hair.

There are basically two types of straightening creams generally; chemical and temporary.

A chemical straightening product can last up to several months. Temporary straightening products last only a day or so and then must be reapplied.

The thickness, roughness, and instability of the hair must be taken into account when choosing the type of straightening cream to use.

Hair that is simply wavy may only need a daily smoothing cream to straighten it.

Hair that is very curly or extremely frizzy and unruly may need a chemical straightener to control it.

how to use Glatt Hair Straightening Cream

How To Use Glatt Hair Straightening Cream At Home

Both types of straighteners, also called relaxers, have advantages and disadvantages.

Chemical Type

The chemical type provides long-lasting results but can be damaging due to the harsh chemical ingredients used to straighten hair.

In most cases, it is best to have a professional stylist apply chemical straighteners. Fine, colored or excessively dry hair is at high risk of damage or breakage.

This can happen after a single use or after repeated use of chemical straighteners.

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Chemical hair relaxation is done via a procedure that may include first applying a petroleum-based protective cream to the scalp to protect it. Next, a chemical hair relaxant is applied to loosen or smooth the hair.

After some time, a neutralizing lotion is applied to balance the hair’s PH and reduce the risk of damage.

Finally, a deep conditioning treatment is usually applied to further protect the hair.

Repeated use of straightening cream should be done with care to avoid hair breakage. One way to do this is to touch up only the roots with the straightening product.

The chemical straightener should not be applied to previously straightened hair.

Touch-ups can usually be done at home with a store-bought straightener.

An advantage to using temporary straightening creams is, of course, the reduced risk of damage to the hair.

These products are also readily available in stores and require no expertise to apply.

The effect can also be easily eliminated or reversed by simply stopping using the product.

A chemical hair straightener can take several months to wash out or wear out.

A professional stylist is best qualified to evaluate the hair and make product recommendations.

If hair is already damaged, a stylist may recommend postponing chemical straightening.

Breakage can creep up to the scalp, and once the hair breaks or falls out, it can take years to regrow.

Step-by-Step Application of Glatt Hair Strong Straightening Cream

We have the formula to straighten afro hair without sacrificing it. Glatt Hair Straightening Cream is the result of intense research.

Discover this revolutionary product and its step-by-step application.

Afro hair is characterized by being intensely curly and is the result of adaptation to hot climates.

The curl allows air to pass through and prevents the head from reaching extreme temperatures.

Although the curl may be particularly beautiful, at the level of adaptation, it may have lost its meaning, and some people may want to eliminate or reduce it.

Cosmetics companies are constantly working to offer products adapted to every hair type. This is also the case for afro hair.

After intensive research carried out by professional hairdressers, Schwarzkopf Cosmetics has created a straightening cream specially designed for afro hair which allows the hair to be straightened in a respectful way.

Achieved! The Hair Straightening Cream is based on a revolutionary formula developed in the USA and also contains silk protein for silky and moisturized results.

Although the use of this product is simple and safe, the Hair Straightening Cream is designed to be applied by a professional who knows perfectly how to use it and the right amounts.

Keep in mind that we are talking about a very powerful product.


Apply a protective shield to the skin area close to the hair, such as the back of the ears, nape of the neck or forehead. Get some gloves! It is important to protect your hands during the whole process.


Divide the hair into four parts and apply the Glatt Hair Straightening Cream from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck.

Finish by applying the product to the forehead area, trying not to touch the scalp.

If the product has been used before and you are doing a touch-up, apply the product only on the area of hair growth.

Do not repeat the application on previously straightened areas.


Leave the product on for 8 to 15 minutes. The intense formula of the Glatt straightening cream minimizes exposure time to the maximum without damaging the hair.

It is recommended to frequently check the evolution of the hair during exposure.


Rinse the cream with plenty of water without rubbing the hair.

To neutralize the product and protect the hair, we recommend that you wash your hair with Citric Balance shampoo.

This shampoo is specially designed for technically processed hair as it helps to restore the hair’s natural pH and seal the cuticle. Rinse and repeat the application.


Condition the hair with the Citric Balance or Deep Impact Plus mask. These products will deeply nourish and moisturize the hair, thanks to their keratin composition.

They will also increase the durability of the straightening process.

Rinse the hair with plenty of water and dry it as usual.

That’s it! The result will be a smooth, silky, and conditioned mane.


Before applying the cream to your hair, please read all of the instructions and warnings.

Apply an allergy test to your skin at least 48 hours before application to be sure and safe. If the skin becomes red, stop using it and consult your doctor for further treatment.

Package content:

1 x 85ml glatt strong straightener cream (schwarzkopf)

2 x 40ml glatt neutralizer cream (schwarzkopf)

Final Verdict

The Schwarzkopf Glatt Hair Straightener Cream is a professional straightening treatment for hair that is resistant to heat.

This high-quality product for resistant hair comes from a professional hair salon.

Glatt Hair Straightener Cream is, without a doubt, the world’s most popular professional hair salon supply. In a blink of an eye, millions of salons trust the quality of the items.

Even more astounding is the fact that certain product lines are not available for public retail sales.

The Schwarzkopf strait is a must-have for everyone with straight hair. You will, without a doubt, obtain the greatest natural and smooth appearance anywhere else with this edition.

Don’t you love how soft your hair is and how it reflects an alluring gleam into the world? Welcome to the Schwarzkopf universe.

Keratin is also essential for protecting your hair during and after treatment.

The strong recipe is undoubtedly difficult for each strand, but because of the intelligent protein infusion, it automatically decreases fizziness and increases shine.

If you’re still not convinced, the glatt is permanent, and the hair roots just need to be reapplied every six months.

The reason for this is simple: our bodies allow new hair development by nature, and you will need to care for the newly grown hair at some time.

It is, without a doubt, the perfect straightening option, ensuring long-lasting and durable results.